With fewer cars on the roads, officials are pushing projects forward faster

Ed Sniffen, Hawaii Department of Transportation Deputy Director of Highways, tells us they are seeing about 48-percent less traffic on the freeways on Oahu. So they’re asking contractors to extend their lane closure times and allow them to work during peak traffic times.

“When we give a contractor 2 additional hours to the work schedule per day, it equates to half a day time 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 that they save,” he said.

Paving work and pothole repairs on some of the state roads have been expedited.

“We have all of our pothole maintenance guys working on the Windward side coming up very soon. We worked out our bridge projects to ensure that we can extend closures throughout at Maipaloa in Farrington Highway, on neighbor islands on Kauai and Maui as well,” said Sniffen.

As for city streets, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says he’s trying to push repaving projects to get them done quickly. He says in the coming months, residents will see more roadwork in town.

“We are putting in another bike lane that is going down Pensacola, that’s already started. We are going to be repaving Ward which is really bad and putting a bike lane on both sides of the street there and we are trying to expedite that,” said the Mayor.

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation says it intends to make full use of the lighter-than-normal traffic to fast-track work along Dillingham Boulevard. It’s one of the most complicated areas along the rail route, with utility lines in existing traffic lanes. Before the pandemic, some businesses were also concerned about lane closures and access.

HART tells us, “Already the Hawaii Department of Transportation has extended the lane closure times for the utility relocation work on Nimitz Highway in the Downtown area.”

“Once we start up things again and we will start opening things in the coming months, business will start to return and we don’t want to impact that business because now we’re doing major work so more done 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 now the better and much should’ve been done prior to this,” said the Mayor.

But not all projects have been moving forward. While nothing has stopped, COVID-19 has delayed some elements of work mostly on the neighbor islands.

“Some of the contractors, who are based on Oahu, are deciding not to 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 travel at this time. They want to make sure they can minimize any risk to their employees and also minimize any risk of transmission between islands,” said Sniffen.

As the virus changes the way the world functions in the future, the state says it’s preparing for more virtual meetings, electronic biddings, and virtual town halls for the public.

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Petition calls on leaders to close Atlanta's BeltLine during COVID-19 pandemic

Thousands of people have signed a petition to shut down Atlanta's Beltline.

ATLANTA - Thousands of people are throwing their support behind a petition to close The BeltLine. They believe allowing crowds to access the trail does little to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“I don't feel 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 that our public officials are taking enough responsibility to look out for the safety of the community,” says Ryan Vizzions, who lives in Atlanta. “Sometimes drastic decisions have to be taken to protect everybody. Things like The BeltLine don't serve a necessity or essential need for the city.”

Vizzions' friend started a Change.org petition calling on the City of 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 Atlanta to shut down The BeltLine. The goal is to get 10,000 signatures. By Monday afternoon, it had more than 7,700.

Michael Smith, who is Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' press secretary, says not so fast. Smith provided FOX 5 with the following statement:

"BeltLine trail usage numbers continue to decrease, showing that efforts to stagger trail traffic and stress social distancing are resonating. The Mayor continues to monitor the BeltLine and consult with public health professionals on a daily basis. The BeltLine is a transportation corridor that provides critical connections to essential services for residents.

"The Mayor has repeatedly stated that whether or not the BeltLine remains open is up to the individuals who use it. If 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 residents practice social distancing, avoid peak hours and use a little common sense, there will be no need to close it.

"However, if usage numbers increase and residents do not heed the general safety guidelines set forth, adjustments—including limiting hours or closing the trail altogether—will be made accordingly."

Vizzions says people 为每一位交易员量身定制的交易平台 who flock to The BeltLine to exercise or visit area bars and restaurants need to do their part to help flatten the curve.

“There was no accountability to the fact that there's a worldwide pandemic going on killing thousands of people.”

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