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Smart money management


We do not store your keys. You have full control over your funds and on the associated private keys.

Standards supported

Keys management according to BIP-39, BIP-32 Bitcoin standards.

Cross-Platform Desktop

Ergo Wallet are supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. A desktop wallet is an application that is installed directly on your computer.

Multi-asset wallet

Supports native tokens on Ergo Platform.


Send money to friends and family with ease.

Deterministic wallet

All keys are derived from a single seed. Easy backup and import whole tree of keys.

Download latest Ergo Wallet

What is Ergo

Ergo is a Resilient Platform for Contractual Money. It is designed to be a platform for applications with the main focus to provide an efficient, secure and easy way to implement financial contracts.

Ergo Platform includes various technical and economic improvements to existing blockchain solutions. Every coin in Ergo is protected by a program in ErgoScript, which is a powerful and protocol friendly scripting language based on Σ-protocols. It specifies conditions under which a coin can be used: who can spend them, when, under what external conditions, to whom, and so on.

To be useful in the long-term, Ergo is strictly following a long‐term survivability approach — it uses widely-researched solutions that are not going to result in security issues in the future, while also preventing performance degradation over time with a new economic model.

Finally, Ergo is a self‐amendable protocol, that allows it to absorb new ideas and improve itself in the future. The focuses on long‐term survivability and self‐amendability are what Exodus 錢包 give Ergo its resiliency.

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Exodus 錢包

上海、麻薩諸塞州坎布里奇和冰島雷克雅未克2018年7月2日電 /美通社/ -- 全球精準醫學領域引領者、一體化基因研發應用和大數據賦能平台藥明明碼(WuXi NextCODE)在2018 TechCrunch杭州峯會上發布了基於區塊鏈技術的大健康數據銀行

AI 與區塊鏈:兩大熱門技術,會碰撞出什麼樣的火花?
區塊鏈+健康數據銀行 LifeCODE.ai爲大健康產業賦能

以藥明明碼所建立的 LifeCODE.ai 平台爲例, 通過構建分布式健康數據存儲的區塊鏈平台,LifeCODE.ai 平台將管理用戶上傳的健康數據,挖掘數據價值並將其利用效率最大化。在確保數據安全性的前提下,幫助醫療、健康機構對用戶的健康數據進行綜合解析,提高數據獲取和分析效率,從而幫助人們洞悉健康風險,享受更高品質的健康生活。

寧波區塊鏈學習 - CSDN

中國經濟周刊-經濟網訊 (記者 孫冰) 7月2日消息,全球精準醫學領域引領者、一體化基因研發應用和大數據賦能平台藥明明碼(WuXiNextCODE)發布了基於區塊鏈技術的大健康數據銀行LifeCODE.ai。


起源 「區塊鏈」這個詞的由來,是比特幣白皮書英文原版里的「chain of blocks」,中國市場翻譯這個句子的時候,直接用了「區塊鏈」一詞,而後這個詞直接就被寫成了「blockchain」,成爲如今全球整個區塊鏈技術層面的專有名詞。

區塊鏈108將: 安全鏈生態發展官Mingo

「打造去中心化安全社羣,讓白帽黑客站著把錢掙了」 Mingo是中國第一批黑客之一, 13 歲創辦「黑客力量」,兩年內成爲位居全國前列的黑客組織。可貴的是,他沒有囿於技術。現在身爲區塊鏈安全專家的Mingo認爲,技術是服務於社羣共識的,建立社羣共識是最重要的,甚至比技術還要難很多倍。

HTC區塊鏈手機 啥是區塊鏈?智慧型手機的下一代?

7月13日消息,國外媒體The Verge撰文指出,HTC做區塊鏈智慧型手機Exodus是冒險之舉,畢竟區塊鏈和加密貨幣還處於相當初期的發展階段,但處於財務困境的HTC需要該款手機取得成功。通過合作來成爲唯一一家將數字貓交易附加到行動裝置上,以及讓用戶擁有自己的加密貨幣錢包的公司,可能會失敗或者會被歸入騙局和花招炒作的範疇。Phil Chen回應說,裝有加密貨幣錢包的手機將會是「世界上最安全的硬體錢包」。他還希望,交易虛擬貓能夠鼓勵玩家和不太熟悉加密貨幣的人嘗試使用Exodus手機。