The readxl package makes it easy to get data out of Excel and into R. Compared to many of the existing packages (e.g. gdata, xlsx, xlsReadWrite) readxl has 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 no external dependencies, so it’s easy to install and use on all operating systems. It is designed to work with tabular data.

readxl supports both the legacy .xls format and the modern xml-based .xlsx format. The libxls C library is used to support .xls , which abstracts away many of the complexities of the underlying binary format. To parse .xlsx , we use the RapidXML C++ library.


The easiest way to install the latest released version from CRAN is to install the whole 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 tidyverse.

NOTE: you will still need to load readxl explicitly, because it is not a core tidyverse package loaded via library(tidyverse) .

Alternatively, install just readxl from CRAN:

Or install the development version from GitHub:


You can see how to 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 read data with readxl in the data import cheatsheet, which also covers similar functionality in the related packages readr and googlesheets4.


readxl includes several example files, which we use throughout the documentation. Use the helper readxl_example() with no arguments to list them or call it with an example filename to get the path.

read_excel() reads both xls and xlsx files and detects the format from the extension.

List the sheet names 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 with excel_sheets() .

Specify a worksheet by name or number.

There are various ways to control which cells are read. You can even specify the sheet here, if providing an Excel-style cell range.

If NA s are represented by something other 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 than blank cells, set the na argument.

If you are new to the tidyverse conventions for data import, you may want to consult the data import chapter in R for Data Science. readxl will become increasingly consistent with other packages, such as readr.


Broad topics are explained in these articles:

We also have some focused articles that address specific aggravations presented by the world’s spreadsheets:


No external dependency on, e.g., Java or Perl.

Re-encodes non-ASCII characters to UTF-8.

Loads datetimes into POSIXct columns. Both Windows (1900) and Mac (1904) date specifications are processed correctly.

Discovers the minimal data rectangle and returns that, by default. User can exert more control with range , skip , and n_max .

Column names and types are determined from 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 the data in the sheet, by default. User can also 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 supply via col_names and col_types and control name repair via .name_repair .

Returns a tibble, i.e. a data frame with an additional tbl_df class. Among other things, this provide nicer printing.

Other relevant packages

Here are some other packages with functionality that is complementary to readxl and that also avoid a Java dependency.

Writing Excel files: The example files datasets.xlsx and datasets.xls were created with the help of openxlsx (and Excel). openxlsx provides “a high level interface to writing, styling 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 and editing worksheets”.

writexl is a new option in this space, first released on CRAN in August 2017. It’s a portable and lightweight way to export a data frame to xlsx, based on libxlsxwriter. It is much more minimalistic than 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 openxlsx, but on simple examples, appears to be about twice as fast and to write smaller files.

Non-tabular data and formatting: tidyxl is focused on importing awkward and non-tabular data from Excel. It also “exposes cell content, position and formatting in a tidy structure for further manipulation”.


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Python for Excel and Google Sheets

xlwings is open source and free, comes preinstalled with Anaconda and WinPython, and works on Windows and macOS.

Automate Excel 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 via Python scripts or Jupyter notebooks, call Python from Excel via macros, and write user-defined functions (UDFs are Windows-only).

Our paid plans give you direct support and additional features including 1-click 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 installers, template-based reporting, and the ability to install Python on a Linux server/cloud with support for Google Sheets, Excel on the web, and Desktop Excel.

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What Our Users Say

We use 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 xlwings to automate the data feeds of one of our analytical spreadsheet tools, which saves us 1–2 days of tedious manual work every month. Data sources include REST APIs, CSV files via SFTP, and web scraping.

Jolanda Stadelmann , Founding Partner, zCapital

xlwings has saved me hundreds of hours in my current role. I replaced the VBA reporting with it and instead of taking 20–30 hours a month I can get the reports run in 6–7 hours.

Adam Wood, CFA , Analyst at a large U.S. custody bank

python for excel book cover

Get the O'Reilly Book

The book introduces you to:
Python, pandas, OpenPyXL, XlsxWriter, pyxlsb, xlrd, 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 xlwt, xlutils and xlwings as well as Jupyter notebooks and 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 Visual Studio Code. Available in English, French, Trad. Chinese, Simpl. Chinese, 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 Korean, Serbian, Polish, and German (Q3 2022).

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Leverage Python's scientific stack for interactive 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 data analysis using Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, Pandas, scikit-learn etc. Or use xlwings to automate Excel reports with Python (Windows & Mac).


Write Excel tools with Python instead of VBA and call your code directly from within Excel, e.g. via a button on the sheet. This also works great for prototyping web apps (Windows & Mac).


Write (array) UDFs in a breeze by taking advantage of all the functionality already available in libraries like NumPy 如何在mt5上进行外汇交易 and Pandas. Since v0.10, dynamic array formulas are supported (Windows only).


Expose your workbooks via REST API and access them from other computers in your corporate intranet or over the web. See the REST API docs.

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